(Please read this contract carefully. If you have any questions please contact Av-Tools.com, Inc. before making payment)

Contract Of Sale

Av-Tools.com, Inc., as seller of these items described on this invoice (items), makes no representations or warranties, express or implied, concerning the items sold hereunder and are delivered as is, except that Av-Tools.com, Inc. warrants that at the time of delivery of the items that Av-Tools.com, Inc. shall have good and sufficient legal title to the items sold. Av-Tools.com, Inc. shall have no liability to the buyer or third persons for any consequential damages, for and the use of the items or any inability to use such items either separately or in combination with other parts or equipment or from any other cause.

Any dispute resulting in legal action will be held under the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Buyer also understands that should Av-Tools.com, Inc. need to seek legal council to resolve any issues related to this contract that buyer will reimburse any legal fees including but not limited to Attorney fees.

 Any statement, including, but not exclusively, descriptions of items, whether oral or written, that seller’s employees or agents may have made concerning the items described in this invoice do not constitute or create any warranties, shall not be relied upon by the buyer, and are not part of this contract of sale. The entire contract is embodied in this writing. This writing constitutes the final expression of the parties agreement, and it is complete and an exclusive statement of the terms of this agreement.

Buyer understands the return policy as outlined, NO RETURNS AFTER 30 DAYS. Within these 30 days, if the items are returned there will be a fifteen- percent (15%) restocking fee taken from the total value of this contract of sale.

Buyer understands the late fee as outlined, There will be a late fee associated with delinquent payment of the contract of sale of 2% per month taken from the total value of this contract of sale.

Tools & Equipment are sold as-is-where-is with all faults, No Returns unless otherwise negotiated in writing and signed by Av-Tools.com, Inc.

By making payment and accepting delivery of items, the buyer agrees to the terms of this contract of sale.

(This contract is noted on the front of every invoice printed or emailed)